FIFA 16: Ultimate team

Game Description: FIFA 16: Ultimate team:

FIFA 16: Ultimate Team- create your dream team mode out of world's best players.Take part in different championship.Become the coach of the world's best football team in this game for android.Select a unifrom to your liking.Buy and sell players and try to get a perfectly balanced composition of the team.Exchange unwanted players for valuable prizes.Control the action of your team on the field.Pass the ball from one player to another.Outwit the defenders of the opposing team.

Game Features:
  • Over 10000 football players
  • Over 500 team
  • Realistic Physics
  • Good Controls
  • Great graphics
FileName: FIFA 16: Ultimate Team [Sport,3D,Online]

FileSize: Apk(24 MB),Data(1.25 GB)

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