Dead Earth: Sci-Fi FPS Shooter

Dead Earth: Sci-Fi FPS Shooter By Thunder-Bull

Become the last hope of humanity in a dramatic war against rebellious machines, shoot tones of bullets,explore unbelievable cities and defeat a deadly boss in the ultimate battle.

Exciting Features:

Fight against endless waves of cyber-enemies,breathtaking graphics,fast paced shooting experience,
experience epic story in world occupied by machines,defeat a legendary boss a become a liberator of societies, 10 fantastic guns at your disposal in battle, urban surroundings as a battlefield, buy new extinction, tune your armor and stand tough against enemies, defeat enemies with deadly grenades, defend every corner of the city. 

File-Name: Dead Earth: Sci-Fi FPS Shooter

File-Size: 66.6 MB

Download & Install the apk & enjoy.

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