Muktijuddho 71 Game

Muktijuddho-Liberation War of Bangladesh is a 3D fps war game based on the true stories from 11 sectors of our liberation war. It will have three special commando levels based on Rajarbagh Policeline, resistance, operation jackpot and crack platoon. This game will contain mini mission within the levels like rescuing hostages, trapping rajakars,shadhin bangla betar kendro etc. Each level will start with a brief history containing important information about the level sector video and photos will also be added to history.
This release is a demo version containing 6 levels, all level are unlocked for the gamer. Levels will be locked in full version.

File-Name: Muktijuddho 71 Game

File-Size: 84 MB

Current Version: 1.02

Requires Android: 4.1 up

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