Heroes Of 71:Fight For Freedom [Mod Version]

A third person shooting game based on Liberation War of Bangladesh 1971.(Bangladesh vs Pakistan @ 1971)
Defend your Motherland
"When war is to save your motherland, fight till your last breath"
This was the motto of the Liberation War of Bangladesh. The people of This country have achieved their freedom through nine months long bloodshed liberation war in 1971. The common people of this country fought dauntlessly against a highly trained Armed Force of Pakistan with almost no training or arms. This game is designed to Portray the fight between the Bangladeshi Freedom fighters and Occupational force Of Pakistan. You have to defend your homeland till the last drop of your blood. Feel the heroism in you. Feel the atrocity of real war. Feel the patriotism of a nation which liberated it in 1971.

File-Name: Heroes Of 71: Fight For Freedom [Mod Version].

File-Size: 84 MB

Current Version: 1.1

Requires Android: 2.3

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