Tutorial For Photoshop Tools.apk

Are you looking for the ultimate app for Photoshop tools and Photoshop tutorials? This app is the complete guide which will give your everything you ever wanted to know about Photoshop tools and also provides you simple and clear tutorials for Photoshop.

This app contains tutorials on following Topics:
  • Selection Tools::::
  1. Marque Tool
  2. Lasso Tool
  3. Quick Selection Tool [etc.....
  • Crop and Slice Tools::::
  1. Crop tool
  2. Slice tool
  3. Slice Selection tool [etc..........
  • Retouching Tools::::
  1. Healing Brush Tool
  2. Eraser Tool
  3. Red Eye Tool [etc........
  • Painting Tools::::
  1. Brush Tool
  2. Pencil Tool
  3. Gradient Tool
  • Drawing and Type Tools::::
  1. Path Selection Tool
  2. Type Tool
  3. Pen Tool [etc.........
  • Navigation and Measuring Tools::::
  1. Zoom Tool
  2. Hand Tool
  3. Eye Dropper Tool

File-Name: Tutorial For Photoshop Tools.apk

File-Size: 22 MB

Current Version: 1.05

Requires Android: 2.2

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